About me

Lesley Cleo

“I paint intuitively, exploring the power of colour, contrast and expressive capabilities of gestural brushstrokes. Often times my daughter paints alongside me and we work collaboratively bringing abstract paintings charged with energy and emotion to life.”

Edmonton based artist Lesley Cleo McMillan was born in Black Diamond, Alberta. She studied drawing, graphic design, photography, print-making and painting at both the University of Peru in 2012 and the University of Madrid in 2016. Lesley graduated in 2016 from the University of Alberta, majoring in Spanish, with a minor in Art and Design.

Lesley’s recent work consists of large acrylic paintings that capture nature in an abstracted way using the sky, bodies of water, and Canadian landscapes as her focal point. The viewer is captivated by a colour palette that has the ability to transform any space graced with a Lesley Cleo original.

Lesley Cleo paintings are displayed in local businesses across Edmonton and in the homes of collectors throughout North America and Europe. Her work is now available worldwide.